I had to conduct a Bachelor final exam recently about brands and how brand names are developed. It was a linguistic thing rather than a design thing, but nevertheless I asked some designer questions as well.

Anyway, the candidate we examined was Philipp Quanz and he just pointed out to me that the final results of the European Logo Design Awards were quite interesting. I have to agree in various ways.

First of all, I don’t think that all of the logos are really good. But I won’t say which ones because I don’t want to get flamed here. But if you have a look at them, you will certainly find some logos you don’t like because their not your style or your taste or whatever. So, are logos just a matter of personal taste? Or do I belong to the wrong focus group from time to time?

I think it’s just the same as with everything visual, you have to look for the persons you address (the client and the client’s clients) and than come up with something you all can live with.

The second thing I found quite interesting is the fact that none of the judges were German. Don’t have to be, of course. I don’t want to be patriotic or something and there are several underrepresented nations. I just thought this might be worth mentioning. So flame me if you must 😉

Update: There’s a good article over at logoorange about Logo Design Trends for 2008.

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