Interesting Links Special: Mixes, electronic

It’s time to mention some of the most interesting mixes I found on the web in this special edition of „Interesting Links“. All of them are more or less electronic and it could be that if you visit the links they have already vanished…

Anyway, here is the list, in no particular order:

DJ Qwerty – Prendi questo treno e non lasciarlo mai (mp3)
One hour and nine minutes of wild and dirty mid-90ties to early 21 century electronic waste, ranging from Aphex Twin to Octagon Man and back again. Includes some jungle and the very recommended Babylon by Amen Andrews aka Luke Vibert. Ah, those were the rave days… (go for Mixtapes…)
Munich label offering a lush selection of mixes. I recommend the Bad Mushroom Mix by Munk (yes, it’s a trip and it’s krauty) and the Ellettronica Meccanica mixes by the legendary cosmic DJ Loda.

Chris de Luca’s Glitch Mix (mp3)
One hour hip-hop verschwurbelung (there is no English word for that) by Chris de Luca of Funkstörung and now Chris de Luca fame. Nice when you recognize the respective originals.

Dev/Null – Old School Jungle mix (web page)
Cock Rock Disco’s Dev/Null with an in-your-face mix of rare jungle tunes from 92-94. When I say in-your-face, I mean IN-YOUR-FACE.

Sorry, I just got carried away a bit. 🙂

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