New Media in Foreign Language Education

Welcome to the course “New Media in Foreign Language Education”, which takes place at the University of Marburg in Winter Semester 2008/2009. This blog accompanies the course and contains the latest course related ongoings. To tell you what the course is about, I will shortly quote the course description.

The use of the new media in education is essential to modern teaching and learning. If properly used, it may help to overcome the deficits of traditional education (lack of transparency, quality management, etc.) and, additionally, may motivate not only the student but also the lecturer. However, the use of the new media evokes new questions and defines new scenarios of educational activity.

What are these scenarios? How can the computer be used in the language classroom and beyond? Hence, this course is meant to introduce various theories and methods concerning the use of the new media in foreign language education.

All questions answered? I don’t think so. The course will be a good basis for further discussion about all these topics. My blog will deal with Group 2 taking place Wednesdays whereas Anna Maria Gallus’ blog will deal with Group 1. However, we will both do both courses together.

All of your blogging tasks will be specified in class and—later on—in our blogs as well. Just wait and see…

I hope we will get a course that everybody can take something out of. Feel free to comment this first post if you have any questions or suggestions already.

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