My Personal First Session Résumé

Today’s session was quite interesting in a number of ways and because of a number of things that came up. I will write down some thoughts I had while watching the video and discussing the whole thing in class.

First of all, to come out of the closet on my age, I’m over 30 and I do trust people under 30 (or else I wouldn’t teach with Anna). I guess, after all it’s not an age thing, because I can waste an evening on the web as easily as anyone under 30. But still,…

I’m a bit surprised that you did not react more viciously to Mark Bauerlein’s accusations. But maybe this is because you are not exactly the focus group he has in mind. This was reflected by some of you who said that „when we were younger, we had the TV to distract us, now it’s the Internet.“ So I guess that you see yourself more in the role of the grown-up teacher-like person. After all, you all study Lehramt and are also advanced in your studies.

Here are some suggestions if you don’t know what to write about in your blog entry for the first session:

  • Check on the facts. Is there are difference between media use in the US and in Germany and/or the EU?
  • What about the mentor thing he discussed? Do students need a spiritual or intellectual „leader“, who guides them through the knowledge landscape? When I studied English at the University of Siegen, there was a lecturer there, who was the type of cool ex-SF-journalist who knew Ginsburg and Ferlinghetti personally and held seminars on Bob Dylan’s lyrics. I actually learned a lot of him and came to reading a lot of North American poetry and literature, that I wouldn’t have touched if it wasn’t for him. Still, I never considered him to be a mentor or teacher in the traditional sense. What is your experience with teachers or university teaching staff?
  • Let me ask this in a provocative way: What tells us that social life isn’t more important than literature or history? Can we really compare the two factors of life and thus of the Internet with each other?

So how does all this really relate to the topic of our course? I guess you will find a lot of aspects to write about even in the first small bit of discussion we had.

I’m looking forward to reading your entries.

3 Gedanken zu “My Personal First Session Résumé

  1. I like your comment a lot, because it is a nice and short summary of the first session in class.
    To comment on you being surprised about our reaction to Mr. Bauerlein’s accusations I can only speak for myself. I do not feel accused at all, since I do not consider myself as part of his focus group.
    Finally I want to thank you for your good advice on starting our first post. 🙂

  2. I alluded to your entry in my first blog entry. I can confirm your assumption that I see myself more in the role of the grown-up teacher-like person. At least I try to! 🙂

  3. Looking back, I also agree that I would have reacted a bit more viciously to Mark Bauerleins accusations. Yet, I have to say that I have seen the video at least three times since the last class session and that I did not understand everything he was saying at the first or second time.

    Nevertheless, at least I do not compompletely see myself in the role of a teacher which also effects my opinion.

    Now, the time gets short, so I finally want to say that the video was a really good start to the course, because it triggered me to think about the topic.


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