Session Two Résumé – The Importance of Technical Stuff

I was a bit disappointed to learn today, that most of you didn’t work their way through the virtual session (some of you couldn’t of course, because they didn’t sign up… I ask myself why.). I mean it’s not much to read and as I said, we’re not discussing the influence of Hegel on 20th century philosophy here. It’s only about where to put the right plug, although this is more important than you think. I’ll tell you why.

Imagine standing infront of the class in school and you have your computer and projector set up nicely. Everything works fine until the projector image goes blank for some reason and of course you don’t have a Plan B (that is, you didn’t prepare for a session without the computer). Now, there are several possibilities and you might agree, that most of them are not ideal.

  1. Ask your students whether one of them knows how to do this. Two or three are going to quarrel about who knows it best. Session over.
  2. Stand infront and improvise the rest of the session. Maybe you’ll have an overhead projector where you can make sketches of your PowerPoint slides. Depending on your artistic expertise, of course.
  3. Get the teacher who is responsible for the computers in your school. 20 minutes to find him or her, 15 minutes to drag him or her out of their own class, 5 minutes for him or her to fix the problem (if you’re lucky). This leaves 15 minutes for your session.

Ok, to cut this short—I could go on forever—it is always better to know for yourself. That is if you are really going to use the computer in your classroom. Maybe we should discuss whether these technical problems can be avoided by not using the computer at all. 😉

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