Things to Spice Up Your Blog Posts

Landscape image used by permission of

Landscape image used by permission of

Ok, today I’ve talked about the things that are free and that you may use in your blog posts to spice them up a bit (like the contemplative nature image on the right). I’ve listed some of them here.



There are a lot more resources which you have to find out yourselves. A good way to start is to go to Blue Vertigo.

You could also use other widgets which should not be mixed up with the ones provided by, but add something to your blog and/or your posts. Have a look at the Blogs section of

One thing I really really really recommend when you use this is that you confirm in advance that the copyright restrictions for the respective media file allow you to use it in your blog. As I said in class, YouTube explicitly allows you to use their videos in your blogs as long as the author of the video is ok with that and you use the link provided by YouTube. Please inform yourself before using it.

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