Gesamtkonferenz Session Résumé

Odd title, don’t you think. But those of you who were there know what I mean.

Right, there are a couple of things I’d like to say about the session and especially about the two different methods we used today.

In the first part we used the drill and practice approach. With the result that you all looked up the answers quickly and reproduced the findings from the session one by one. Everyone of you actually contributed to that, simply because everyone of you had to say something, otherwise your partner would have been annoyed. 😉 Honestly, do you remember anything you said during this?

In the second part we used the role play approach. You will find that approach to be mentioned in all the books about teaching methods, actively involving students to take part in a discussion or something similar and acting as members of a specific group. We had a lively discussion that was fun but not everyone of you participated actively in the discussion.

Now, which one was the better approach. I would say, you can’t tell. Both have their pros and cons depending on how the methods actually work out. And this is also something that turned out to be your most important argument about the new media in education. It has to make sense, it has to support the things you actually want to get across, it mustn’t turn out to be more work than usual.

I would agree with the first two points but what about the last one? I would argue that it actually does not turn out to be more work than usual. Ok, there is the technical side – which you all know I am quite fond of :). But let’s leave this out for a moment and suppose that all the computers and data projectors are working fine. In this case, preparing a regular session is the same amount of work than preparing a session that makes use of the new media. You wouldn’t want your students to simply work through the dull book and solve the drill and practice exercises. You would want to make it a bit more interesting, wouldn’t you? I can tell you, that’s a lot of work to do. Whether you use a computer or not. It’s just the same. As already mentioned: We are leaving out the technical side.

Another thing: Why are you so cautious when it comes to the new media in class? Did we do something wrong? Did we force you all into working with e-learning platforms when you didn’t want to? Don’t you really think that you might be able to activate more students by using such an approach? Do you really hate all that blogging stuff?

😦 Boohoo!

🙂 No, honestly, think about that for a while, please. Comments welcome, as always.

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