Featured „Internet Research“ Post

Yes, and here it is. The winner for this week: Erwin Gavrilas and his post on Internet Research. From a very personal point of view he considers the Internet as a „mere“ starting point for scientific research, by saying that

I still believe that the Internet is the best starting point when doing research. As I said before, for me personally, the advantages outbalance the disadvanteges. Not least because the Internet is our gateway into the future.

As for the part on methodology, I think we all agree that Internet research will play a more important role in every school in the future. Students, I’m sure, are using the internet to do their homework and to conduct research today and they will do so even more tomorrow. So, our task as prospective teachers, will be to know how to do Internet research and to know about all these possibilities you have in order to obtain information as well as to guide our ‘future students’ and show them how to use the Internet more efficiently with regard to the evaluation of online sources. That of course implies that we learn about these things up to the point where we can teach them.

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