Internet Communication and Its Discontent

Or should I say „your discontent“? Don’t get me wrong. I shouldn’t really comment on this session because I wasn’t there and I could only tell from the chat, but I feel that most of you are really opposed to what we are doing. And I question myself, why is that.

Ok, there are a few of the obvious reasons, but what I am concerned about is that most of you would only use the new media as an extra like, let’s say, watching „How the Grinch stole Christmas“ with your class a week before christmas. Am I right?

Is it true that there is absolutely no potential for the new media to be used in class except for recreational purposes? Or am I getting the whole thing completely wrong and secretly deep down inside you would really like to use it for educational reasons but don’t want to tell us about it.

Again, don’t get me wrong. We are not going to bend your opinions until they break. We are not a persuasion seminar. We just want to know.

Ok, here’s the transcript of the chat of Group 2 (PDF), maybe you can analyse why it went wrong and how one could make it better.

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