First Session

Oh my. This has been something of a bumpy start, I’d say. Sorry for all this mess last Tuesday. Some things were my fault directly, some indirectly. Of course, I needed to be better prepared for technical difficulties because this is also what the course is all about.

So, probably one of the following two things applies for you right now: Either you knew this all from the beginning—what with the unreliability of a media setup and that it’s always this way—or you are surprised that even in a media room something can go wrong. Well, I’m sure that you are not surprised by technical difficulties, because you all experienced these things before.

In the last semester we had a teacher from the Alfred-Wegener-Schule in Kirchhain as an expert who was asked for these obstacles. He said that he really prefered the word obstacle to anything else (problems or difficulties, say) because with this word it is clear that you can somehow overcome these obstacles and get things working. I hope that we can focus on the advantages of the new media in this course. I know that many teachers talk about their Plan B when it comes to a new media session. This seems to be a lot more work than just preparing a conventional session. But sometimes also traditional methods don’t work as they should and you’ll have to come up with something else.

To say it with the Beatles: „I’ve got to admit it’s getting better (better) / it’s getting better all the time (it can’t get no worse)“

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