Don’t use the emboss effect on body text

Why? Well, I’m almost certain that it messes up the readability of longer texts.

I came across a couple of websites recently that use the following CSS bits on dark body text

text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #fff;

or some such thing. Of course, sometimes including the vendor-specific extensions as well.

Please, don’t that. I pretty sure that it makes body text harder to read and I’m not quite sure whether it really looks that good. I mean, I haven’t got any scientific studies at hand and it somehow looks good in the beginning but once you try to read it, your eyes are complaining sooner or later. At least my eyes are.

I will conduct a non-representative study about this but until then: Please only use this effect for headlines. Please!

2 Gedanken zu “Don’t use the emboss effect on body text

  1. What happened to your English, dude? 🙂

    Does the emboss effect or do missing words make a text less readable? I also wonder, if eBook-reader display text-effects at all. If not, companies must have based this decision on certain facts (such as: never use the emboss effect AT ALL).

    hang in there 😉

  2. Right. That entry was written in a hurry… 😉

    I guess it’s supposed to imitate the high quality of a printing press output. But the haptic display is not for the general public yet.

    Must check on eBook-readers as well but I think you have more experience with them.

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