The 12 Best Tutorials for Designing Forms in HTML/CSS

Alright, here’s one for the Thursdays‘ group in Presenting Content. I have tried to find useful tutorials for styling HTML forms and came up with a list of 14.

  1. Fancy Form Design Using CSS
  2. Prettier Accessible Forms
  3. The Form Assembly – Form Layouts
  4. Forms markup and CSS – Revisited
  5. CSS-Only, Table-less Forms
  6. CSS Styling of forms
  7. Semantic Horizontal Forms
  8. Styling Form Fields
  9. Clean and pure CSS FORM design
  10. Showing Good Form
  11. Styling form controls with CSS, revisited
  12. Styling Form Fieldsets, Legends and Labels
  13. Pretty Up Your Forms with CSS
  14. Tableless forms
  15. Who says CSS Forms Can’t Look Good?

Hope you find something that is worth redoing.


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