The Work of Janne Parviainen

Once in a while there are people on flickr who post pictures that I would pick as a favourite every time. Janne Parviainen is one of them. He paints with light and the photography resulting from that is just incredible. I let the results speak for themselves.


Inspiration Galore

It’s always a good idea to frequently have a look at Vimeo. Today I found the following videos that I thought are worth mentioning for various reasons:


YouTube Video of the Month

Advertising Steven Johnson’s book „Where good ideas come from“.


Logo Panne

Ich lese gerade einen Artikel in der Frankfurter Rundschau über die Tatsache, dass der hessische Energieversorger HSE ein neues Logo bekommen hat, das es schon gab. Auch der Slogan „Das Ganze sehen“ war bereits vergeben. Interessant, dass es auch einer so renommierten Agentur wie Jung von Matt passieren kann, eben nicht „Das Ganze“ zu sehen…


5 Videos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

This is plagiarism in two ways: The 5 items of something idea was sneaked from Carsonified’s blog and all the videos were first published on Computerlove. So, sue me…

Here are 5 videos now that will probably put a smile on your face:


Nen Rolli hatte ich noch nie

I received an e-mail today that I participated in a poll at the beginning of this year. No, not what you think. It wasn’t spam, I really participated. I would like to recommend that you take a look at its outcome. It is called „Nen Rolli hatte ich noch nie“ and is a Zwischenprüfungsprojekt by Alex Ketzer (I’ve forgotten from which university). There are some web design issues concerning the web site, but the book looks really great.

Sonst noch was?

My friend Astrid told me about a sweet little shop run by her and a friend in which they sell some of their stuff. If you’re into nice and simple illustrations with a funny twist or warm scarves which look like a fox or rabbit, then this is for you.

Oh, the shop is called „Sonst noch was?„. Check out the blog, too.

BBC Blast Studio

Ok, so you like to use paint on your wall but your landlord won’t let you? Why not mess up the wall of some BBC studio? Enter Blast Studio

Interesting Links #6

It’s time for a new edition of Interesting Links.

Nick La has gathered some very nice Single-Page Portfolio Sites at his Web Designer Wall. Some interesting concepts and a lot of high end use of web dev techniques. I personally love We Bleed Design for its fancy PNG effects and Fröjd for its simplicity.

Then, there is the Reverse Graffiti Project. If you don’t know what reverse graffiti is, go and have a look at the video. Incredible!

For those of you who haven’t heard this already: NASA has their photos online on a new website called NASA Images (you would have guessed) powered by Internet Archive. If you’re not into astronomy, you will still like the trippy images anyway…

And finally, especially for my students, there’s the Opera Web Standards Curriculum, „a complete course to teach you standards-based web development, including HTML, CSS, design principles and background theory, and JavaScript basics.“

Well, isn’t there something here for everyone of you?


Every once in a while there’s an online application which really blows your mind. And here’s this while’s mind-blowing online application: