Presenting Content: Steps for CSS Layout

Here’s the presentation from the session on CSS Layouts:


And then there were the tutorials which have actually been posted before in a different post.

Presenting Content: 3 Columns Layout Solutions

As promised, here are the screencasts that tell you about the solutions to the four three column layouts that you were supposed to do as a homework. Please note: You can watch all screencasts directly on my account in order to get a larger and more legible view. Or continue for a smaller embedded version…


Presenting Content: CSS Basics Refinement and Layout Techniques Round-Up

CSS Layout ExampleWow, that’s rather a long title for a relatively short post. Anyway, I’d like to give a short overview of four pages that list the most valuable resources for CSS layout techniques. I did not have to start a list myself, because there have been lists out there already.

But before we go there, I’d like to hint at a section of the website Impressive Webs that deals with CSS Basics. And hereby is meant: The Deeper Aspects of CSS Basics for those who want to dive in. Very recommended read, indeed!

Now for the list (in the form of a list itself):

Hopefully, this will guide you along the paths of CSS based layouts.

Presenting Content: CSS Layout 1

Sooooo, here’s the Analyzing Prototypes presentation:


Don’t use the emboss effect on body text

Why? Well, I’m almost certain that it messes up the readability of longer texts.

I came across a couple of websites recently that use the following CSS bits on dark body text

Oncoming: New Semester

Oh my, it’s that time of the year again. The semester is almost here. Knee-deep in preparation work again. Here’s an overview of the courses I’m going to give this semester:


Double Feature: What I love about Weebly – What I hate about Weebly

When I confronted my course Presenting Content this semester with the basics of HTML and CSS, they and I had a couple of frustrating sessions. I’m doing this for some semesters now and never had quite such an experience. I was thinking: Am I this bad a teacher to not get the stuff across (it’s not that hard, after all) or did I hint at too early and most of the classes just switched off as early as this?


Styling the VCT’s Microprojects Feed Box

Welcome to the first episode of a series of HTML/CSS tutorials that deal with the application of CSS techniques in a real life setting. The series is supposed to be used in an upcoming course at the University of Marburg, students will be able to try to figure out how to do this.

And this is what we are going to do in this episode: The Virtual Center for Teacher Training has introduced a so called Microprojects Feed, which in return got a box on its own on the left of the portal. We will design this box.


7 minutes to spare…

… and you really, really, really don’t know what to do? Well, let’s see how many CSS properties you can name.

This is how I did in this quiz:


Where did that time come from???

Interesting Links #1

I decided to post links in my blog from time to time that are too interesting to get thrown into my vault. Let’s start off with three of them:

  1. There are a lot of things to be discovered at Dan Fietsam’s site, although there are far too many Bud ads there. At least for someone from Germany like me. No offence… 😉
  2. Molly Holzschlag talks about the future of web standards at Vitamin. It’s a must read.
  3. Interesting navigation solution: XRS Nowe Media from Poland.