I had to conduct a Bachelor final exam recently about brands and how brand names are developed. It was a linguistic thing rather than a design thing, but nevertheless I asked some designer questions as well.

Anyway, the candidate we examined was Philipp Quanz and he just pointed out to me that the final results of the European Logo Design Awards were quite interesting. I have to agree in various ways.


Interesting Links #5

Some more I’ve stumbled upon in the last view weeks… Haha, sorry about this.

http://toda.com/ which is about design and architecture and all that.
http://www.varywell.com/ which has a nice navigation.
http://www.mariolombardo.com/ who likes to do stuff with his hands.

Oh, and there is a competition going on at Slanted. So if you are into typography and like to do some fancy sh*t, that’s the place.

Update: Heavy Backpack (the site you need to know if you’re a designer, you know…)  are running a link drive (I didn’t know what that was before, but anyway…). So I just want to mention how very cool and necessary they are and that everybody should have a look.

May 1st Reboot

Chosen by the judges of May 1st Reboot:

The Hejz

Two things

Ok, two things:

For those of you interested and/or living in Marburg, come to the Uni (PhilFak) on June 2 to get an insight what we’re doing here at the Tag der Sprachen.

The other thing is that I have to get rid of some wows right now: WOW!, WOW!!, and WOW!!!

Thank you.

The Web Design Survey

Are you a professional working in the field of everything web? Like, say, a web designer, PHP wizard, accessibility guru? Here’s something for you:

I took it! And so should you. The Web Design Survey

And then on to something (not quite) completely different: Tim Haldeen

Interesting Links #4

Several links I think are worth visiting:

This it how it should be: Excellent design, excellent content. Great work by Second Story from last year or so: Theban Mapping Project

Get out your scissors and glue! Paper Toys!

Great illustrator Elliott Golden.


Anyone for updates? Ok, let’s go…

My site of course, as you can see. All XHTML 1.0 Strict and PHP and some spring colors as well. Hope you enjoy.

Then, there’s Manuel Kaufmann’s new site showcasing his photography. Recommended!

And finally, Amon Tobin has a new album out on the 5th of March and his site is all about strange sound exploration. You need to have a look!

Martin Frey

Martin Frey is an interaction and interface designer. If you want to know what this involves, well, it’s all about shoes and oil

Interesting Links #3

Here we go again:

  1. Inspiration resource par excellence: 100 beste Plakate
  2. A very nice set of illustrations by Alberto Cerriteño
  3. Very good and inspiring: Toxi’s images on flickr

Interesting Links #2

  1. Want to see a stunning interface? Jonathan Yuen’s portfolio
  2. I saw on k10k today that Mr Gregory Durrell has updated his site. I had just added him in my Links section a few weeks ago and I must say, if I hadn’t done already, I would have to do it now, no doubt.

Oh, and update if you want to. Or change your browser you should…

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