Featured Communication Post

This week’s featured post is by Philipp Kindelbacher. He has written a very personal post on his experience with online communication tools both synchronous and asynchronous. I like it because it really gives a different kind of insight into the whole subject: What about the fact that kids may not like to use tools in class that are part of their every day life? Isn’t that an intrusion into their escapism?

One quote from the post dealing with changes in language:

Another random thought that struck me while doing the virtual session was that even though the internet tends to standardize and find it’s own language that most people will eventually conform to due to reasons of comfort there are ways for communication to develop in different ways. I remembered an old spiegel-online article about Japanese emoticons and how they’re not read horizontally but vertically. And I don’t care what any linguistic purist or literature enthusiast – and I would consider myself the latter – has to say: it is beautiful to see how a language can develop when the public decides upon it: purely based upon convenience. On that note: G2G…ttyl in class (^_^)

Oh, and have a look at the link at the end of the post. LOL! You have to tell people on the Internet that you literally laugh out loud, you know…

Update: I just saw today that Valentina Süß has put together a list of questions to test your expertise in netiquette. Go check it out.