Hey, I always thought it is strange that such a letter doesn’t exist: An ISO workgroup suggested to create a capitalized version of ß because there isn’t one. Well, obviously no one thought of that…

Check out the suggestions for such a letter in the typeFORUM and the report on sinographie.de, if you get to it some time…

Interesting Links #1

I decided to post links in my blog from time to time that are too interesting to get thrown into my del.icio.us vault. Let’s start off with three of them:

  1. There are a lot of things to be discovered at Dan Fietsam’s site, although there are far too many Bud ads there. At least for someone from Germany like me. No offence… 😉
  2. Molly Holzschlag talks about the future of web standards at Vitamin. It’s a must read.
  3. Interesting navigation solution: XRS Nowe Media from Poland.