12 Ways to Use Netvibes in the Classroom

Netvibes LogoHere are 12 quick ideas to use Netvibes in the classroom that I came up with after doing a little brainstorming session with myself. I need to check that against the—presumably—millions of blog posts that deal with the same topic. Anyway, this list does not include a text about what Netvibes is or how you set it up. Evelyn Jessie has written a comprehensive piece about that at Connexions, which is an OER. My goal is to come up with ideas that are easy to set into action and—as I believe—are a didactical plus. The ideas are in no particular order, feel free to suggest more ideas in the comments.

I have prepared a public dashboard over at Netvibes to give you a starter of what you can do that should accompany this blog post. But I am sure that once you get going there is lots more.


didacta Resümee

Puuh, da hab ich jetzt zwei Tage didacta hinter mir und es war sogar ganz gehaltvoll. Ich werde wohl mal darüber bloggen… Mach ja sonst keiner 😉 Stichworte: Chalkless, Lernräume, Web 2.0


Who needs MySpace?

I often asked myself in the past – as I’m sure have many many web designers – how such an ugly platform such as MySpace can have such a big success. Is it because it’s ugly? Is it because it’s easy to use? Is it because everybody does it?

Well, yes, some of all of that. But hey, wait a minute. Isn’t this Web 2.0? What about the wisdom of the masses. OK, or rather the taste of the masses 🙂

I was happy to see that the first subversive pages are appearing here and there, like this one (news pilfered from de-bug.de).

I’m going to look for many more account which do something like this…

W wie Wissen

Eine Wikipedia Academy wird diesen Freitag und Samstag in Mainz stattfinden unter dem Titel “W wie Wissen – Wikipedia und Geisteswissenschaften im Dialog”.

Hört sich interessant an, leider kann ich nicht hingehen.

Improved slideshows at Flickr

Hey, I just found out that my favourite web application Flickr has improved its screenshow function. And by “improved” I mean IMPROVED! Full screen, on black, super functionality. I love it.

See for yourself by looking at one of my sets there.


Adobe Labs has featured a couple of interesting applications and ideas in the last couple of months. And now here’s this:

Have you never been quite comfortable with the color theme of your homepage? Here’s a little help from Adobe Labs: kuler

kuler lets you create your own theme, publish it for others, and download it as Adobe Swatch Exchange file. It’s quite a nice tool, one of those that you have ever wanted.