Presenting Content: Steps for CSS Layout

Here’s the presentation from the session on CSS Layouts:


And then there were the tutorials which have actually been posted before in a different post.

It’s good design but I don’t like it.

Last week, in my course Presenting Content there was one moment when we got it all right. We had a look at several websites in order to check whether they were designed well or not. One of the pages was the homepage, which at the time featured the new MacBook Air and had a colorless air to it (excuse the joke…).


Nen Rolli hatte ich noch nie

I received an e-mail today that I participated in a poll at the beginning of this year. No, not what you think. It wasn’t spam, I really participated. I would like to recommend that you take a look at its outcome. It is called „Nen Rolli hatte ich noch nie“ and is a Zwischenprüfungsprojekt by Alex Ketzer (I’ve forgotten from which university). There are some web design issues concerning the web site, but the book looks really great.


One of my favorite all-around-design-agency has updated: Pfadfinderei. If this isn’t worth a blog post, then what is…?

Google Chrome (surfing on hype waves)

Well, well, well, well, well… What’s this all about?

Google release a browser today and of course everybody is downloading it and commenting on it. I have to, too. Do I? I’d rather write about the high tides of hype that we are able to surf on once again.


OMG, it’s getting religious…

No no no, not what you think. Business Week (sic!) publishes an article this week called The Ten Commandments of Web Design. They had asked gurus ranging from John Maeda to Jeffrey Zeldman to give their input into this. Do we all now have to print this out in decorative letters on precious paper and pin it to the wall above our 24″ iMacs?

Who needs MySpace?

I often asked myself in the past – as I’m sure have many many web designers – how such an ugly platform such as MySpace can have such a big success. Is it because it’s ugly? Is it because it’s easy to use? Is it because everybody does it?

Well, yes, some of all of that. But hey, wait a minute. Isn’t this Web 2.0? What about the wisdom of the masses. OK, or rather the taste of the masses 🙂

I was happy to see that the first subversive pages are appearing here and there, like this one (news pilfered from

I’m going to look for many more account which do something like this…