A list I wish I had compiled for this course but someone did it for me…

Thanks to my colleague Anna Maria Gallus, I am now aware of this site:

Ditch the Backpack: 100 Essential Web Tools for Virtual Students

It compiles the things mentioned in its title and there are some good ones I can tell you… Well worth a look.

Google Chrome (surfing on hype waves)

Well, well, well, well, well… What’s this all about?

Google release a browser today and of course everybody is downloading it and commenting on it. I have to, too. Do I? I’d rather write about the high tides of hype that we are able to surf on once again.


May 1st Reboot

Chosen by the judges of May 1st Reboot:

The Hejz

The Web Design Survey

Are you a professional working in the field of everything web? Like, say, a web designer, PHP wizard, accessibility guru? Here’s something for you:

I took it! And so should you. The Web Design Survey

And then on to something (not quite) completely different: Tim Haldeen