Featured Post Number 2

This week I feel that we have to present Jaana Stolp’s article on the Learning Theory unit as the featured article, despite or better say exactly because of her criticism of our e-learning approach.

She mentioned that

I would have liked to get some ideas about how the abstract theories presented in the theoretical part of the virtual session could be put into practice in the classroom, since I am not really sure if I understood everything right. – The key words being “would have”, due to the fact that neither the links nor the PDF downloads in this section worked properly so that I am still a bit clueless which kind of tasks, exercises etc. that could be used in class are especially suitable for the different theories. (I don’t know if the problem lies with my computer or if it is a general one…)

No, it isn’t your computer, it’s a general problem. It’s our fault and I could also go on about how we should have checked that and at the same time about how we are currently working hard on the platform in order to move the utilization part into the class start page and that therefore sometimes errors slip through that shouldn’t.

It is this that brought me to think about whether we tend to expect such an e-learning platform to work flawlessly and are more annoyed if it doesn’t. Think about your average teacher and how he or she cannot answer every question you ask. Still, with a computer it is something different. Or isn’t it? That’s a really good question to comment on. 😉 Of course, I don’t want to talk myself out of this. The links will be fixed ASAP.

Ein Gedanke zu “Featured Post Number 2

  1. Concerning Jaana Stolp’s article on the Learning Theory I understand your feeling of wanting to present her article. One gets to know that she critizes the e-learning approach. You showed that you understand her in some way and came up with arguments to kind of justify your e-learning program. I liked this post because although it is constructive cricism it is written in a nice and understandable way without being insulting.

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