How to Create a Bulletproof Knock-Off

Good, now this is classified information. You want to submit a termpaper and you don’t have the time to write it yourself, what with all the parties and stuff? You know that your teacher isn’t that stupid to not figure that you took a termpaper from and submitted it without changing a single letter (or mistake for that matter)? And you want to know about the secrets how to avoid exposure and still being able to show off infront of your fellow students?

Well, you won’t find that here. 😉 Not directly, anyway…

Jaana Stolp wrote in her Internet Research post that she missed something in the virtual session.

If I have to correct papers that my students have written at home, how do I find out if they only used copy and paste?

As always, this question is not quite that easy to answer. What I can do is to give some links you can have a look at. A very good way to start is Prof. Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff’s web site „Fremde Federn Finden“ which gives an insight into what plagiarism is, how to find proof, and she even tested applications which should enable teachers to find plagiarism (most of them weren’t worth the money, actually).

Another source you might want to check is Stefan Weber’s book „Das Google-Copy-Paste-Syndrom“ which deals with plagriarism aspects in the university. I could go on arguing about the style of his book (which I don’t like) or his view of students (which I mostly disagree with, because I think that they are not just lazy), but he has some good arguments in it.

If you have some more suggestion, please feel free to add them as comments or save them in the class‘ delicious bookmarks.

Ein Gedanke zu “How to Create a Bulletproof Knock-Off

  1. Thank you for this quick answer to my question! I do not have the 2 hours to work through Debora Weber-Wulff’s web site right now, 😉 but at first sight it appears to be very helpful and I definitley will work my way through the text and exercises as soon as I have the time for it.

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