Presenting Content: Design Prototyping

Here are the slides from today’s session.


And here are the results from today’s session:

Paper Prototype Group 1

Paper Prototype Group 1

Paper Prototype Group 2

Paper Prototype Group 2

Paper Prototype Group 3

Paper Prototype Group 3

10 Gedanken zu “Presenting Content: Design Prototyping

  1. Concerning the picture „Paper Prototype Group 3“:

    I think that it is a very good idea to have a login form at the top. Furthermore, I think that the drop down menu is much easier to navigate than the current VLC design, and that the links „Web Credits“ and „Contact“ were moved to the footer.

    However, I do not agree with moving the FAQ to the footer. It should be mentioned in the welcoming message, since it is so important for new users. Additionally, I think that three columns are too much. Having two columns would look much cleaner.

    Overall, I like it. Especially adding „interactivity“ to a paper prototype is a nice thing to do 🙂

  2. Paper Prototype Group 1: What I like here is that this prototype has a clear structure. There isn’t too much content – the menu items are reduced, what makes it looking clear and well-arranged, too. Items like the logo or the login-box are at the top (left- and right-hand side) which is well arranged since the user would first look at the top (left) of the page and see the logo immediately. What I also like are the four pictures in the middle that act like an eyecatcher and make the layout a bit more appealing. Also, the subtitles of the pictures are probably the most important for any user who is already part of the master programme or wants to become enrolled into that (I think the library would not be that important, though).
    What I don’t like that much is that the menu items are split into two columns, one being and the right-hand side and the other being on the top. Since there are even further menu items beneath the pictures, one single menu column would have been sufficient I think. Also, it could be helpful if there was a bit empty space left to both sides to avoid that the whole layout looks crowded.

  3. Paper Prototype 2

    I like this design because it is not overcrowded with boxes. An eyecatcher-picture is always nice and I think it is good to move the twitter downwards.
    The navigation is not too long, and the logo as well as the navigation are on the left side and thus easily to find since our eyes are trained to read from the left to right. 🙂
    I also like that the login box is in the upper right corner because you are used to it from other sites, so this increases usability.

    I would switch „Research“ and „Lecture Hall“ in the navigation because I think the „Lecture Hall“ is more important to the users.
    And I wouldn’t put too much text on the first page, so maybe you should first give a headline and the beginning of an informative text (e.g. 5 lines) and then a link saying „more…“ so the user is not overwhelmed with too much text right away.

  4. Regarding paper prototype 3:
    The drag down menu is a very good way to simplify the current navigation bar (too much information and the users are easily get lost in the front page). ‚Events‘,’Welcome Message‘ and ‚Language in Focus‘ could be arranged in a more organized way. ‚Reactions and Opinions‘ and ‚Twitter‘ can be put into ‚Community Area‘. Furthermore, pictures or navigation cues/graphics can be added into the main page. Too much words will shorten the users‘ attention span.
    Green as the basic color is a good choice because it is a comfortable color for users. But I don’t know why there are orange dots on some items.

  5. Paper Prototype 2.

    I like the idea of maintaining the familiar structure of the website since most users are accustomed to a certain design. But I am afraid I still have to see how a text with a lot of information will work in this particular case.

  6. Paper Prototype 2:

    What I like about this prototype is the structure. The number of items has been reduced and it altogether looks a lot clearer and neater. I also like that the „login“ area has been moved to the header. This way, it is not too prominent for people who are not already members and the main content area remains free for informative purposes.
    However, it may have been nice to keep the map or the „language in focus“ area for instance, i.e. something that is typical of the VLC.

  7. Paper Prototype 3.
    I really like the interactivity of the prototype and the fact that it has decreased a lot of information, which actually gives you chance to got the main points of a website and to lose as minimal efforts as possible. However, i think that the content is not that structured. Umm… i mean, it’s not that organized. I think? It would be better if you have used certain colors to differentiate between the content which belongs together. IMHO.

  8. Paper prototype 3:
    Generally I like this prototype because it has a very clear structure and not overcrowded. I like the idea of having menu at the top of the page. The only thing that i do not like too mush is the place of FAQ. I think it should be in the top of the page( near log in ).

  9. Paper Prototype 1:
    What I liked in this protype is the structure. The users can get familiar and find the subject, which they look for, easily. The structure makes the searching less complicated and also it is good that the „log in“ box is the top and it is good to put courses or degree programs in the middle because it draws attention and easy to access.

    However, it would be better if the all menu items were collected in two columns. Because there are three columns in the center of the page and it may be look like a bit crowded. Also, there is footer but I couldn`t understand that which items will be put in footer.

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